Sidney Poitier Speaks


I am listening to Mr. Sidney Poitier and, although I have a press badge, I will never get close enough to ask him the questions that are on my mind.

  1. How many conferences do you address on an annual basis?
  2. Do you enjoy this aspect of your career? Or is this just part of the job of being an older and somewhat retired celebrity?
  3. Who writes your speeches?
  4. When Sidney Poitier has IT trouble, who does he call?
  5. Who does your books? How tough is it to manage a celebrity’s finances?
  6. What’s Sidney Poitier’s worst job EVAH?
  7. Is that a purple or a pink shirt that you’re wearing, Mr. Poitier? (It’s nice. Looks trendy, actually.)
  8. Have you ever had a need for HR support, Mr. Poitier? When Sidney Poitier needs to hire someone, who helps you?
  9. How did you learn how to speak in such a wonderful, rhythmic cadence, Mr. Poitier? You could read the classifieds and it would sound like poetry.
  10. Give me an example of a time you successfully completed a project, Mr. Poitier. What was it? What was your role? Was the project on-time? Did you meet your budget?

Sidney Poitier just commented on the overall beauty of the women of SHRM. It’s funny, but I wonder if the tool & dye machinists convention or the flight attendant convention that he’ll address at some point will be just as pretty?

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