Social Media Interview: How Do I Prepare?


A question from a reader.

I have an HR question for you. I have been randomly sending resumes out to interesting sounding jobs (comfortably, from my current job) and landed an interview for a Community Experience Producer. My question is this… since the title seems to be relatively new (did lots of google searches, not finding much) what’s the best way to prepare for this interview? Thanks Laurie!

This job is often referred to as a community manager, and Susan Burns talked about the emerging role of community managers at the Social Recruiting Summit.

Personally, I think you prepare for this interview the same way you prepare for most interviews.

  • You should understand how this role solves a problem within Martha Stewart’s empire.
  • You should be prepared to discuss your career portfolio and your experience as a courageous and innovative leader. Make sure you come armed with concrete examples of how your experience, knowledge, and skills will enhance the brand and add to the company’s profitability.
  • Finally, I suggest that you network like hell to find out how the company conducts its interviews — and be flexible enough to adapt your stories to whatever interviewing format they apply.

A job is a job is a job. You can either do it or you can’t. We very rarely hire for technical knowledge. We hire for the amorphous concepts of fit, authenticity, and potential. Demonstrate that you’re a good cultural fit for the company, show them that you are an authentic human being, and make them believe that you have potential to earn the company a ton of money.

Anyone else have advice?

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