Social Media, Jesus, and Justin Bieber


Jesus has been stalking me on Twitter.

Here’s the back story: I use Social Too to follow everyone on Twitter who follows me. I also automatically drop the people who drop me. I can’t recommend this tool enough. It makes my life easier and it makes the conversations more thoughtful.

Right around the Easter holiday, I automatically followed several ‘Jesus-themed’ twitter accounts. Once I became connected to Jesus, I received direct messages. The Lord thanked me for following Him and directed me to a host of different websites.

Wasn’t that nice of Him?


I am an atheist, but I am very curious about God. What does Jesus enjoy reading on the internet? What are His thoughts on social media and the conversations taking place on tools like Twitter and Facebook? What are His likes and dislikes? Is He a fan of Justin Bieber?

I had to check it out.

  • Some of those links sent me to sites with prayers;
  • some sent me to sites that combined Christianity, anti-Obama sentiment, and health care reform;
  • and a few of the DMs sent me to sites with pictures of hot, naked ladies.

That’s the state of the internet, folks. Social media tools have been co-opted to lure gullible consumers, job seekers, and bored housewives to nefarious websites. Since I am loosely affiliated with all three of the aforementioned groups, it offends me that a powerful tool like Twitter is used in such a mediocre and stupid way.

Also, I never found out if Jesus likes The Biebster.


So I’m in NYC, today, attending The Conference Board’s Social Media Meet-up. The agenda looks promising and we will hear from Marketing, Communications, and IT professionals on the power of the social web. There will be conversations about community, customer service, and relationships. I am pretty sure we will discuss Facebook and Twitter.

From a selfish standpoint, I would like to discuss the inability for most companies to do something amazing with these social tools. If you’re going to adopt a social strategy within your organization, be bold. Most companies are acting like fake Jesus spammers and barfing out information on coupons, products, and discounted services. Where’s the real interaction? Where are the discussions between constituencies that matter the most?

I don’t want 25% off my meal for being the mayor of a burger joint. I want to talk to the owner, get to know the employees, and establish a relationship with the business. I want to know that the workers are happy, they feel financially rewarded for their hard work, and that everyone is happy to see me when I walk through the door. I want my feedback to matter. I want the burger joint to adapt and change when the market changes.

I feel the same way about Fortune 500 organizations, too. I wish companies would back off, take a breath, and stop using social networking websites like multi-level-marketing tools.

I have a simple message to those companies who are in the middle of developing a social strategy: give me something bigger and more meaningful or get the heck off these social networking sites. You should know that my loyalty and my commitment to your brand can’t be bought with a coupon.

Not even a coupon from Jesus via Twitter can make me care about your company.

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