Punk Rock HR Question: Social Media, Employers, and Passwords


I spoke at the Triangle Social Media Club, this week, and was asked for my thoughts on the City of Bozeman’s [now canceled] policy that required its employees to disclose social networking accounts, passwords, etc. I answered that question while thinking about Sharlyn’s Lauby’s piece in Mashable called 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy.

  • Being a chump employer who doesn’t trust your employees? Not on the list.

If your employer asks for your usernames and passwords, you should say no. Then you should find a new job. Please remind your employer that disclosing your private information might violate the terms & conditions of most social networking sites (as eloquently articulated by the Triangle SMC attendees). Feel free to tell your employer to shove it, as well.

If you’re not violating the code of conduct in your employee handbook, you’re on the right side of this issue.

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