Social Media Saturday: Google +1


A few months ago, I advised attendees of The Career Summit that almost every site they visit is a de facto search engine and social network.

  • Although not expressly designed to do so, you can search for stuff (like job opportunities or company research) on Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • And just like Facebook, you can see your friend’s activity on those sites, too.
  • Social and search are becoming one in the same, and the only constraints on the system are those imposed by design. Social is ugly on Google. Search is ugly just about everywhere else.
  • The sites that have a good mix of social and search — Yahoo and AOL — are dull and built for the masses.

The trick for the future is to mix social, search, customization, and decent content. And make some money. Bam. Good luck with that, internet barons.

So Google took a step forward, this week, in mixing social and search with something called Google +1. Before I talk about Google +1, I want to tell you what I told attendees at The Career Summit: go complete your Google profiles. It’s an underrated tool that can help you  get ‘found’ on the internet.

The google profile is important because they just announced a new social/search that is integrated with your profile. The feature called +1. Here is a video to help you understand how it works.

Why do I like this? It’s now possible to have a ‘professional Google profile‘ and a +1 list of the things you love, the things you’ve written, or the things that interest you.

While the list on your Google profile is private right now, the +1 feature might not be private forever. And what you can do RIGHT NOW is influence the search choices of your friends.

Let’s face it. Recruiters are going to google you. If they are connected to you in any way and see that you like the same things they like, suddenly your online footprint is a little richer and more interesting — and it’s a little more relevant and within your control.

Now go explore Google +1. And don’t worry if none of this makes sense to you. Be intellectually curious. You won’t break the internet. And know that in a few months, it will all change. This is social media. Nothing stays the same.

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