Social Media Saturday: iPhone Apps


Back in the day, my husband used to come up with all kinds of business ideas. They all sucked. Full stop. This is why he still works in the pharmaceutical industry.

Then Ken started coming up with clever domain names — just like everyone else. Remember back when was supposed to get you a lot of money? I know a guy who has several hundred domain names that he renews each year — like it’s 1999. He still hopes one of them pays off down the road.

The guy is still a recruiter.

So now it’s 2011 and the dudes in my life are coming up with iPhone app ideas. Do you know what an app is?

  • You can download extra software for your phone if you have a smart phone (e.g., an iPhone or a Droid).
  • Your dopey brother isn’t kidding when he says, “There’s an app for that.” There is an app for everything.
  • Sometimes the applications are helpful (like a weather app) and sometimes they are not (like a joke-of-the-day app).
  • Many of the apps are free (companies will give you software to make it easier for you to buy something over the internet — like a flight) and some are between $.99 and $5.99 to download.

And a week doesn’t go by where I’m not pitched a new idea for an app. They are always universally awful ideas.

  • Laurie, you know how people make sex vidoes?
  • No, I don’t know how people like to do this. Really? And most people are too gross to make sex videos.
  • Exactly, this is why I have an idea for an app. It’s like filter for iPhone videos. The app makes you look thinner, prettier, younger, or like you have bigger boobs.
  • That’s dumb and I think that violates Apple’s terms & conditions.
  • Well then I’ll release it for Android.

Okay, great.

So I thought it was a good time to share with you a list of apps that I use on a daily basis.

  1. I like easy social networking apps. Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare have great apps for my phone. I do use Hootsuite‘s app, too.
  2. Travel apps are important to me. American and Delta are pretty good. The Avis up just got a little better. Hotel apps in general need some work.
  3. I’m a big news junkie and I think the BBC has the best app.
  4. My photography apps are important because I take a ton of kitty pictures. I like Instagram, Dyptic, Camera+, Photo Toaster and Photogene. Mostly I use Instagram.
  5. I like the new Spotify app for music. (Here’s an invite.) And I’m a big fan of Soundtracking because of the location-based integration and the slick look.
  6. Weirdly enough, Walgreens has an easy way to refill my prescriptions.

So there you go. My frequently used apps.

Quit pitching me your crappy ideas but tell me — what’s on your phone?

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