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Everything good on the internet can be found on Reddit. Memes. Funny videos. Great ideas. They’re all rooted within forums and categories that are interesting, wild, and crazy.

For some reason, I get a ton of traffic from Reddit. When I write something great, people post it. When I write something crappy, I hear about it. And sometimes I get traffic because I am linked to posts that I can’t control.

Like this one:

So I had an epiphany the other day. It’s a two part idea so I shall separate it as such.

The first thing that occurred to me was that women are slowly but surely becoming in charge of the work place. They dominate the HR Department of almost all companies. Especially large corporations. I’ve have never met a male HR person before and I am no young person anymore. This allows for women to decide who gets hired and fired. Do you know what pattern I see though? More and more women being chosen over men simply because women like to hire women over men. Sexist? Yep. Anyone care? Nope. So more and more women are getting jobs over men. They also graduate more from college. Most do this on their own hard work. But this is story for another post.

So this creates a shift in society towards women having more jobs than men. Better paying jobs too.

Women while keeping their thin veneer of Feminist ideals, still want the ideal American family. They yearn to quit their jobs and marry a man who is handsome, funny, and makes more money than she does. They want so desperately to find this man. They might shed some of these requirements: Looks and personality; but not money.

So what we have hear is a situation: Women are taking more jobs than men and are starting to make more than men. But they want to have a partner who earns more than they do.

What we have hear is a ticking time bomb. I’ve seen its effects first hand too. I know of 10 different women who are college graduates and have decent jobs. They are also desperately single. Like talks to their cats lonely. Nothing wrong with them: they are in shape, look good, nice personality, and make good money. But they won’t date down, as it were. I tried to set them up on some dates, but they would rather die inside from loneliness than date someone who they view is beneath them.

Just wait until this little problem becomes widespread. Because this is going to cause a lot of spinsters.

Some things to bear in mind. The economy is absolutely fucked so this means a lot less available jobs. Especially any jobs that are full time and that pay above minimum wage.

The wage gap between the truly rich and the middle and lower class is bigger than the Grand Canyon.

This is a social observation. My observation. I am not purporting this as fact, just from my viewpoint. The Facts that I have gleaned from various posts on r/mensrights and reddit are: more women graduating from college, Corporate HR contains almost exclusively women, and women prefer to hire female workers. If you have hard evidence to disprove this then do it. I would rather be proven wrong than to live in ignorance.

This also excludes 100k plus jobs. Which have more to do with who your father is and his connections than anything else.

Thanks for reading this huge post, this subreddit is amazing; so keep up the good work.

Now listen, I love men. I believe in human rights. But this shit is crazy and shows how misplaced anger on the internet can spin out of control. Although HR can be incompetent, it doesn’t make hiring decisions. People with budget make hiring decisions. Rarely does HR have a role beyond some initial screening — which never really matters — and the coordination of interviews.

When HR does get involved with assessment and selection, it’s usually at a much higher level within the organization (i.e., 100k+ jobs).

So if you want to get angry at anyone, dear Reddit reader, it shouldn’t be HR. Entrepreneurs aren’t creating jobs. Companies are stockpiling cash. And this has nothing to do with the emasculation of the American male and everything to do with entrenched power.

Male power.

Why hire a dude when you can use a robot monkey or take advantage of cheap child labor in Asia?

It’s easy to get mad at Human Resources, but let’s get mad for the right reason.

And for all of you out there who have never experienced Reddit, don’t let this stop you from trying it out. I like the following subcategories:

I could waste hours on this site!

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