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I’m working on my 4Q2011 Ultimate HR/Career blog list.

I create this list every quarter because I love democracy and freedom fries. I include everyone. Nobody is ranked or judged. If you write a career or HR blog, you can be on the list.

Inevitably, I will leave someone off. (It’s an accident. Hey, I’m a one-woman show.) Someone —  usually a dude — will get his undies in a bunch because of my oversight. He will write a nasty blog post about me.

And that guy is a pussy.

I’m sorry. I can’t sugarcoat it. Who cries about being left off a list of HR bloggers? Children. Weaklings. Men with no testicles. I know the nasty blog post about my oversight is coming. It happens 4x/year. Nevertheless, it always surprises me. So this time you’re on notice — if you complain about being left off, I will hunt you down and rip out your heart with my bare hands.

I read The Hunger Games. I know you’re weak and it is my duty to put you out of your misery before an evil mutt comes to eat you alive.

So check out this link to see if I forgot you. If you’re not on the list, leave me a comment below and I’ll fix it. And if you left a comment in that last post, I’ve got you. Or maybe I don’t. But please don’t whine about it.

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