Social Media Saturday


Today is my first edition of Social Media Saturday. I’ve been meaning to write about why I don’t like my iPhone 4 from Verizon. Honestly, I like it just fine. It’s okay. It meets my needs because I don’t really need it. My old phone (Blackberry Tour) on Verizon was just fine.

Here are the things I can do with my new phone.


I can track my period. Now I don’t have to rely on the moon.


I can play Words With Friends with about 100 different people who beat me constantly. What can I say? I’m visually challenged and not very good at puzzles.


I can Shazam some catchy Latino songs when I check into my favorite restaurant via foursquare and eat enchiladas every Friday night.


You know what I can’t do?

  • Text easily.
  • Send an email without misspelling FIR and FOR.
  • Hang up on someone easily — especially if I’m not directly on the phone screen. Believe me.
  • Use my phone when I have chilly fingers.

Other than that? It’s awesome. Go spend a couple hundred bucks on a phone that tracks your period. Totally worth it.

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