Social Media, The Internet, and Safety


I think that concerns about privacy and safety on the internet are overstated.

That being said, I’m about to go on vacation. My readers and members of the ‘Punk Rock HR community at large’ can’t help but notice my absence — and I’m a little worried about leaving for so long and having people know about it.

Is that crazy?

So let me say a few things:

  • My house will be guarded by members of the NRA. I am not kidding. Fort fucking Knox.
  • I won’t tell you when I am leaving (exactly) and coming home (exactly) but I’ll tell you this much — I’ve lined up some awesome guest bloggers and Lance Haun will be monitoring comments and technical stuff.
  • If you’ve never left a comment on my blog, or you change your name/email from the last time you left a comment, your post might go in the ‘moderated’ queue. Lance will check that, too.
  • No, Scrubby is not coming with me. I wish.

This blog is known for its smart readers who understand work, politics, and pop culture. Please be kind to the guest bloggers and engage in really great conversations. I know you won’t let me down.

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