Social Recruiting Summit: Unconference Sessions!


I am chairing the Social Recruiting Summit in New York City on November 16th. I am very excited about our keynote speaker, Fred Wilson, and the thoughtleaders and panelists who will be leading the main sessions, but I am also excited about our unconference sessions.

What’s an unconference session? This is how my friend, Scott Baxt, describes it.

While one of the tracks features a somewhat structured agenda led by our tremendous session leaders, the 2nd track of the summit, the unconference track, has no agenda. So it is up to you as an attendee to decide what should be discussed.

It’s a democratic session with just a hint of potential chaos. Awesome.

Scott set up an EtherPad so you can vote on the unconfererence sessions. It’s a cool tool that allows real time editing of a document and tracks those changes. (This is a handy tool for HR geeks, by the way.)

Here’s how the EtherPad will work for the unconference session:

  1. If you would like to suggest a topic, post it below along with your name, company, and contact details.
  2. If you would like to vote on a previously suggested topic, just copy and paste it below the original and add your name and details.
  3. If you suggest a topic; make sure you are prepared to lead the discussion if it is selected. This does not mean that you must be an expert on that topic, you just have to be willing to lead a meaningful conversation with your peers!

Oh snap, easy.

Hope you come to NYC to see me at the Social Recruiting Summit. If you can’t make the summit, come to the free tweet-up to schmooze with the best recruiting and HR people I know.

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