Spam Should Be Illegal (Like Murder and U-Turns in the Intersection)


Spam should be illegal. There you go. Most obvious statement of the day.

I just believe that receiving spam is like seeing commercials at the movie theater — I can’t believe I am paying for this nonsense. I pay $9 for a movie ticket and $39/month for broadband. I have no idea why American consumers don’t boycott ISPs, email providers, and movie theaters who advertise to us in a space that should be free from corporate harassment.

Like I said, my hatred of spam is not very logical or rational.

Right now, I am paying eBay a small amount of money ($1.20) to advertise my first generation iPod on their site. I received an email from eBay that directed me to my account. When I logged into my account independently of the email (to verify that I wasn’t receiving spam), I saw this note:

Dear friend ,I’m sorry to disturb.
We are the Chinese very greatly very
big chief wholesaler in China,our
company website: [redacted]
we wholesale name brand R3 SHOX ,R4
SHOX , nz AIR MAX 360 ,t shirt ,very
very cheaper!!!TOP QUALITY!!! WE
ACCEPT moneybookers,paypal,WU, you
received shoes after payment ,very
safety !
we have others Wallet,
costume Belt eyeglasses GIBSON
,MP3,Watch ,SWEATER,apple IPOD and so
on . please feel free to contact us !
I am looking forward to hearing from
i sure i can give you lower price
than others supplier!!so you can get
very big profits from our products.
Wish you have a good mood every day!
factory contact msn , email our company
good luck!!!

Is anyone exhausted by all this mass advertising? What’s next? Are they going to print ads on toilet paper at some point?

It’s about time that I started charging people for the privilege of advertising to me!

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