Speaking at NC State on Tuesday: Lessons Learned


I am speaking at NC State at 5:30 PM, tonight.

Rob Humphrey asked me to talk to the kids about following their passion at work. Or something stupid like that. And you know how I feel about passion — so I declined.

Then Rob said I could talk about my cats. Dang it, that guy knows me so well. So I’ll be speaking at NC State about getting a job out of college, not following your passion, and my cats. I’ll be doing my best Donahue impersonation and walking through the crowd to dispense career advice.

The Donahue reference is totally lost on those kids.


I have to laugh because the event promised to look a little spicy when some kid posted on the wall, “I’m so horny.”

Seriously. Take a look for yourself. [I blocked out his identity.]

I didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended — and because it’s 2010, I sent him a LinkedIn invite.

That’s how all the cougars do it, right?

I wrote, You left a comment that said, “I’m so horny” on my event wall for an event at NC State. So now I’d like to add you to my professional network.

Schwoo. Fail. That could’ve been sexier.

In my defense, I’m married and I don’t know anything about this new world of sexy hook-ups on LinkedIn.

So the boy wrote back and said,

I’d like to apologize for the embarrassing post that was left on your event’s wall. I received the invitation from a teacher and was reviewing the information, as I was planning on attending. I can only assume that I did not log off of the computer that I was using, and someone thought that they would be humorous and post that message. I didn’t realize this had occurred until today when I received an e-mail asking if I had indeed posted “I am so horny” on his event’s wall. I would never do something as unprofessional as that, and it looks very poorly on my end.

Again, I apologize for the fact that my profile posted that comment. I don’t know if I will still attend the event due to the embarrassment this has caused, but if I do then I would like to apologize in person to both you and Mr. Humphrey. And also, as a student, I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this event happen at our university. I hope that this embarrassing matter can be forgotten.

Poor kid. Sigh. I’m totally not offended — but this is we call a teachable moment.

So listen up.

  • Make sure you sign out when you use a public computer.
  • Make sure you sign out when you use a public computer.
  • Make sure you sign out when you use a public computer.

And now I realize that I don’t make young boys horny. That sucks. Remind me why I’m going to speak at NC State?

Oh yeah, right, because I get to talk about my cats.

Okay, fine, just please make sure you sign out when you use a public computer.

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