Stage Fright, Public Speaking, and Anxiety


I’m hosting an event, today, where recruiting professionals will learn how to use new media tools to hire people in better, faster, and more efficient ways.

That’s the goal, anyway.

You don’t even realize how much work it takes for me to stand in front of people and talk. Executive leaders like Jack Welch have coaches and corporate communication teams to make them look great. I have a mirror, a flip camera, and a prescription for Xanax.

Thankfully, my role on Monday is to help keep shit moving in the right direction. I’m a ringleader. The real stars are those who are presenting. Any quick tips for me — or the other moderators and panelists — on how to be better public speakers? Have you done anything to improve your skills? Has it paid off in your career?

Let me know. I’ll be checking comments all day long, yo.

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