Stupid Charter Communication Bundle


I’m having technical problems.

By technical problems, I mean that Charter Communication sucks and I can’t get on the interwebs, watch cable TV, or talk on the phone from home.

We called about the outage on Thursday (“We are responding!”) and on Friday (“It will be restored in two hours!”) and then again today (“Call back when your outage is restored and you can talk to a customer service rep about having your account credited. Refunds are not automatic.”).

This is America. Why are we paralyzed by rain? Why does our infrastructure fail so often? What if Al Qaeda attacks us, again? Why am I not receiving an automatic refund from my power company, communication company, cell phone company, etc., when I have no service on certain days?

I’m not sure what’s worse: The Taliban or the telecom companies. They prorate the hell out of my bill when I add services. Can’t they prorate an automatic refund when I have an outage?!


  • One communication company.
  • Three services.
  • One low price.
  • No reliability.

I would be better off with two tin cans and a piece of string. It would be cheaper, too.

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