Sunday HR Shout Out: J. William Tincup


For my 10th Sunday HR Shout Out, I’m sending out crazy adoration to J. William Tincup. Here are excerpts from his biography.

My tombstone will read “harsh but fair” – no doubt. I’m a seasoned entrepreneur and a sophisticated marketer. I’ve made thousands of mistakes in being both an entrepreneur and a marketer. Like most people, I try to learn from all my experiences – good, bad and ugly. I cut my teeth in retail – Albertsons and Wal-Mart. I spent eight years in school earning three degrees to find that I was virtually unemployable. Thus, I’m an entrepreneur for life.

William runs Starr Tincup, which is a strategic marketing consultancy for human capital firms. Here’s more about it.

We’re a boutique and we know the buyer and seller of these services and software better than any firm in the world. Talk with us and we’ll prove it to you. We have great clients, wonderful employees and we’re fun to be around. Starr Tincup is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

William — one of the nicest guys I’ve met during the past six months — is honest, direct, and genuinely interested in promoting talented people out there. Here are the important links:

Go learn more about William. You won’t be disappointed.

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