Sunday HR Shout Out: Community


I’ve been thinking quite a bit about community since I sold HRM Today.

  • Who makes up a community?
  • Where does the heart of a community exist?
  • How many communities can you join and really engage?

I think that Punk Rock HR serves as a weird community for job seekers, HR professionals, and other people who just enjoy dropping by & talking about work.

Because I write this blog, I’ve met great people like Lance and Jenn who started HRM Today with me. I met my good friend Kris Dunn and many of his colleagues at Fistful of Talent. I am lucky enough to hang out with David Manaster, Joel Cheesman, and Maren Hogan at conferences. I’ll be hanging out with Sarah White at ERE in September. And holy crap, I just did the math and I’ve spent more time with Mark Stelzner in the past twelve months than I’ve spent with my siblings.

I could go on & on — but I have been writing for over two years and I’ve developed a community right here. In fact, I was talking to Jason Seiden about how we could celebrate this amazing community. We started a conversation, and now we’re planning a free party/event in Chicago during Kennedy+OnRec. We want to bring awesome ideas to the forefront and we are planning an amazing party on the night of November 4th using the Ignite format.

More on that soon, but in the meanwhile, give me your shout outs. What’s good in your life, this week?

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