Sunday HR Shout-Out: Women of #EREExpo


Picture by another awesome woman, Traci Deveau.

Laurie & Jennifer McClure. Picture by another awesome woman, Traci Deveau.

Today’s Sunday shout-out goes to the women of ERE Expo.

I was given a press pass to the event, but I paid for my travel expenses, hotel, and food. It wasn’t cheap to attend the conference because Florida, as a whole, is expensive. Everyone wants to be tipped, the prices are skewed towards tourists, and a bowl of ice cream at HäagenDazs on the beach is $4.95.

Fortunately, I was able to demonstrate ‘personal ROI’ because I sat around a table with Stephanie Lloyd, Miram Salpeter, Jennifer McClure and Sharlyn Lauby and talked about the many challenges we face as businesswomen and bloggers. We talked about business coaches, marketing strategies, and the history of Spanx.

I am lucky to connect with great women in my life. I spent some time with Leanne Chase who is always interested in talking politics, gender issues, and work/life balance. I hung out with Jenny DeVaughn who knows the ins & outs of community building. Here’s a fun fact about Jenny: she throws up westside and doesn’t suffer fools, yo. I saw Maren Hogan who, during the past year, has gone through an amazing transformation and emerged as a savvy marketing guru. Maren helps me to think about how I’m managing my own career.

Most of all, I was able to spend time with my friend Sarah White who just doesn’t take shit from anyone. I become a braver woman when I see her roll on the tradeshow floor.

Jason Buss (from The Talent Buzz) has a breakdown of some of the excellent conversations and themes from the conference. Funny enough, Jason joined us at the ‘table of women’ and we had to tell him all about Spanx, professional attire for women, and footless pantyhose. I’m surprised he didn’t get up to leave!

There are other amazing women who attended the conference. I am sorry that I didn’t name more. Who do you love and read? Who are the talented women who think, blog, and speak about recruiting and HR issues?! Leave a comment and let’s give it up for the ladies.

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