Sunday Shout Out: Pongo Resume


My professional network is so sticky. I know a woman who works at Pongo Resume because she is the sister of a friend I met through the wife of an ex-boyfriend.

Does that make sense?

Let me try to clarify.

  • My network expanded because my husband and I took a ‘break’ between 2000-2001 (before we were married). I briefly dated a nice man who eventually married a blogger.
  • That blogger became a friend of mine in real life, although I don’t talk much to her husband (my ex-boyfriend).
  • The blogger introduced me to new people, one of whom is yet another blogger.
  • The other blogger has a sister who is an employee at Pongo Resume.

What? Still doesn’t make sense? Who cares. The point is that you never know how and when your network will grow and expand. Be open to meeting new people. Make connections. Don’t take anyone for granted during your job search. Especially ex-boyfriends.

How does my crazy network benefit you?

Pongo Resume, who might regret being associated with me after this insane post, has sent me five (5) promotion codes for a free month of Pongo service. You’ll get a full 30 days of unlimited access to Pongo’s resume and cover letter builder, custom templates, job search tool, interview training, and live support. You’ll also receive helpful newsletters and blog updates.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Tell me about the oddest or funniest professional connection in your network. How did you meet this person? What’s the story, yo? Put your story in the comments section.

I’ll pick five winners on Sunday evening and email you the promotional code. Also, FYI, I’m about to celebrate my seven-year wedding anniversary. All told, my husband and I have been together for well over a decade.

Crazy how life works out, isn’t it?

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