Sunday HR Shout-Out: Great Men


3551019373_2ec733664c_oI listen to the BBC every night as I fall asleep.

I heard the following report.

The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has unveiled a renewed campaign opposing violence against women. He says about 70% of women experience some form of physical or sexual violence from men. Ban Ki-moon said men must teach each other that real men don’t violate or oppress women.

I applaud this effort, but I’ve been thinking about some of the women I know who have been affected by violence. These women are victims of men who are victims of other men. That’s right. Men who have experienced physical abuse, emotional abuse, or just general neglect by other men are abusing women (& young boys & weaker men) in a cycle that never seems to end.

So I really do support Ban Ki-moon’s effort, but I would like to talk about the male-on-male violence that creates some of the world’s most desperate situations — which ultimately impacts women.


I’ve also been thinking about what makes a ‘great man’ — and most of the awesome men I know aren’t movie stars or world leaders. In fact, none of the great men I know are famous. They aren’t corporate leaders or members of the clergy, either. They are logistics managers, IT professionals, and franchise owner/operators. They drive trucks, make stuff, or run small businesses. The great guys I know are just normal guys who wake up, go to work, and live life with reasonable expectations.

Oh yeah — and all the great men I know don’t abuse women. Not one. Not ever.


So how do you define a great man? Have you been influenced by a strong male role model in your life? Do you think Ban Ki-moon is nuts and that the UN can’t influence anything? Do you worry that the communist UN is about to swoop in with black helicopters and take away your guns?

I’d love to hear from you.

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