Sunday Shout-Out: PunkATL and Others


What a week. I have some people to recognize. Sorry if I missed anyone — and if I missed you, don’t be shy. Say hello in the comments and CALL. ME. OUT.

  1. I had a great time with Stephanie Lloyd in Atlanta, last week. She asked me to join Miriam Salpeter, Geoff Webb, Maha Akiki, and Craig Fisher to offer advice to job seekers in 2010. You can hear the radio show here and visit Stephanie’s blog, Radiant Veracity.
  2. Stephanie Lloyd and Todd Schnick hosted a tweet-up to celebrate my visit to Atlanta (sorta). It was called PunkATL, and it was held at a cool restaurant called Fuego Mundo. Recruitingblogs gave away $250 worth of AMEX certificates and we listened to some fun music and I drank sangria. I may or may not have had some super-secret drinks with Jenny DeVaughn.
  3. Eric Winegardner and Lisa Watson came to PunkATL and I started to cry. Thanks for being such amazing friends and colleagues in this fun little community we’ve developed.
  4. I had dinner with Debbie Brown at No Mas Cantina. Holy smokes, that restaurant is awesome — and you know it’s good when I only have one margarita and I say, “That’s enough.”
  5. I’m busting my hump to pass the SPHR test and trying not to take copious amounts of anxiety medication. Thanks to Sharlyn Lauby, April Dowling and John Nykolaiszyn for keeping me sane.
  6. Thanks to Molly Buckley and Zach Ward for being so unbelievably awesome to me, this weekend. We will drink wine when I’m done with this exam, yo.

Also, breaking news: I am creating a page on Punk Rock HR that lists all of the recruiting and HR conferences for 2010. I am sick of the stupid way we scramble and try to cover conferences as bloggers, thinkers, and leaders in the HR/recruiting community. Are you going here? Are you going there? How the heck do I know? We need a central calendar, and I’m the woman to do it.

So here’s the deal: if your event is not on my calendar, your conference doesn’t matter.

  • Do you have a conference you’re hosting?
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to reach my audience. Send the dates, location, expenses, and a PR contact name to
  • Send your information no later than December 31st to insure that it’s included on the calendar.
  • Anything sent after that will be added when I have time and at my discretion.

That’s it for me. You guys have anyone you want to recognize? Anything you need? Announcements?

Leave it in the comments.

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