Sunday Shout Out: 2009 Wrap Up


This is the last Sunday in 2009 if I’m doing the math right. Is there anyone or anything you want to recognize?

I had a conversation with a HR friend, this weekend, and we debated who has it tougher: job seekers or women who fall in love with divorced dads.

  • Job seekers are tough, jaded, and fear the worst. They are cranky and automatically dismiss advice because they’ve heard it all before. Many are depressed and annoyed during the holiday season. They’re hoping 2010 is better but they don’t want to be too optimistic. Job seekers are the ultimate buzz-kill at a party. I feel for them.
  • Divorced dads are also jaded and they definitely assume the worst. They don’t want to commit too quickly and it’s easier to get an audience with the Pope than it is to meet their kids. Don’t get a divorced dad talking about his child support payments, and never ask him if he’s going to remarry. Sheesh. I feel sorry for the divorced dads, but I kind of feel sorry for the women who love them. Just go adopt a dog.

I kid, I kid. I just love the fact that this blog has introduced me to people in the HR community who can talk about random stuff like job seekers, career advice, and the plight of divorced dads and the women who love them. So shout-outs to everyone out there & give me your list of people to recognize.

It’s your last chance in 2009!

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