Sunday Shout Out: Cranky Edition


It’s Sunday and I usually recognize someone for being awesome. That’s my style.

Unfortunately, I am cranky and I would rather tell people to shut up. So rude, right? Where are my manners?

Maybe I’ll break things up and give you a shout out/shut up edition to begin 2010.

  • Shout Out: Lance Haun. He is my partner on The HR Calendar project and he helped me to relaunch Scrubby’s blog. Not only is Lance a big part of the HR community, he’s my friend. I am lucky he puts up with my shenanigans.
  • Shut Up: Jim DeMint. You’re holding up Erroll Southers’s nomination for TSA over collective bargaining rights. Are you on drugs? No credible scholar or anti-union activist in America really thinks that collective bargaining rights will make America less safe — but everyone knows that having an interim leader run TSA is a recipe for disaster. You can try to go after Erroll Southers’s character, which is a valid discussion, but your GOP caucus supported Bernie Kerick. I dunno, dude. The TSA can’t function without a permanent leader. I think you should be a man and fight your anti-union battles with more integrity. #justsayin
  • Shout Out: All the moms out there who are reading my blog and sending the posts to their kids. I know, I know. Your kids will never get out of your house. Guess what? You can kick them out. I also want to recognize the kids out there who are reading my blog and sending the link to their baby boomer parents. I think it’s nice that you haven’t abandoned your parents as they age.
  • Shut Up: People who still want to tell me that the only reason Obama got elected is because people around him ran a strong marketing campaign. Shut up, already. It’s 2010. I hate the marketing argument, by the way. I guess marketing is the reason why more people drink Coke than Pepsi. It’s why people prefer Volvos instead of Chevy Malibus. No one has free choice. No one makes decisions. It’s marketing. I say this with the utmost respect: run a decent candidate against Obama in 2012 and then we’ll have a conversation about marketing, okay? God I’m so bored of this one. I can’t even get upset.

I told you I was cranky.

Happy Sunday. You want to recognize anyone? Call someone out? Leave it in the comments!


Claire McCaskill kicks ass.

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