Sunday HR Shout Out: Mike VanderVort


If there’s someone who deserves some props, this week, it’s Mike VanderVort.

HR professional. Awesome blogger with a great story to tell. Charitable.

Mike is the kind of guy who works hard, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and prefers to champion other people over himself. He has no ego. When I first met Mike, I thought he was shy. I soon realized that he’s not all that shy — he is just very generous and is happy to let other people talk (like me).

Mike doesn’t need the spotlight. Doesn’t crave attention. Really doesn’t need anything from anyone. He is the kind of guy who has your back and doesn’t make a big deal out of it.

So let’s all tell Mike that we appreciate his contribution to the HR blogosphere because, darn it, we do.

Also — anyone else deserve a shout out, this week?

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