Sunday HR Shout Out: Jason J. Davis


I have to tell you something. I always read HR Think Tank by Jason Davis.

I do.

I feel like it’s an under-appreciated website, but I know the readership is growing because posts are often shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Things that I like.

  • Poor guy has the same name as the founder of Recruitingblogs. You would think that makes life tough, right? No way. This Jason J. Davis is kicking butt and taking names with fun and interesting posts.
  • He’s a Human Resources and Project Management consultant. Look at his bio. Former military. Smart guy. I pay attention to people like that because they know what it means to operate in an environment that demands excellence.
  • Jason is going to cycle against cancer. I saw it on Twitter. Another example of why he deserves a shout out.

Read his blog and follow him on Twitter — and do me a favor and recommend some new blogs that I might not be reading.

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