Sunday Shout Outs: The List


I try to highlight one person in the HR community on Sunday and give him/her a shout out.

This week, there are too many.

  • Thanks to Elaine Orler at Talent Function Group for loaning me a notebook after I realized that I left my laptop at home. I tried to stay current with my email (& failed). Then I paid my Citibank bill, which is always important. Thank you x100.
  • More thanks to Eric Winegardner dinner at Nobu. I normally don’t eat sushi, but I’m all about expanding my horizons and chilling with people like Jennifer McClure, Jenny DeVaughn, Sharlyn Lauby, Matt Charney, Lisa Watson, Leanne Chase, Sarah White, and Chris Hoyt. How did I fall into this awesome crowd? I am the odd woman out.
  • Thanks to the men at Starr Tincup for not rolling their eyes when I say, one more time, how much I hate HR and recruiting. I say this every day. I’m done. I’m outta here. Yeah, they say. Sure you are.
  • Thanks to Ben Gotkin for the recruiting talk and the Fugazi walking tour ideas.
  • Final shout out to Molly Mosely for being so wonderful and thoughtful. She works for LinkUp and they hosted a party, last week. The party was great, but I always send job seekers to the site because I think the technology is so smart and simple.

I’m sure there are others to recognize from my busy week (sorry if I missed you) but please feel free to acknowledge anyone who kicked butt, this week, in your own life!

Oh yeah, PS, this happened. When a photobooth flashes, it is taking your picture — even when you’re trying to feed it money. Who knew?

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