Sunday Shout Out: Kevin W. Grossman


Kevin Grossman rocks.

There. I said it.

If you don’t know Kevin, he is the President of — but I really know him as an advocate for women & families and the father of Bea, his wonderful daughter. Kevin has been a friend to this blog (& to me) for quite awhile. Even before we met in real life — and by the way, I was shoving a protein bar in my mouth as we were introduced — he was supportive & encouraging in a way that meant the world to me.

I saw Kevin in San Diego, a few weeks ago, and I was reminded of why I like him so much. Fun, interesting, and totally devoted to his family. He knows everything about Human Resources & recruiting & marketing but he can go to an industry conference and talk about something else. (Thank god.)

He’s just good people — and it was high time that I recognized his awesomeness.

Anyone who deserves a shout out in your life? Leave it in the comments!

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