Sunday HR Shout Out: Matthew Stollak


I love Professor Matthew Stollak for so many reasons, but he gave me a toothbrush deodorizer and said, “I want a Sunday Shout Out.”

You got it, buddy. Here are some pictures from our recent outing at the SHRM North Central HR Games at Purdue University. There’s also a picture with John Jorgensen who is @jkjhr on Twitter. He rocks and we are now best friends forever, even though I don’t fish.

SHRM North Central HR Games & Keynote

Matt, also known as @akabruno, gets props for being a smart and supportive advocate of progressive HR practices. He is a great teacher to many, including me, and he has become a great friend. I have no idea why he likes me so much. I’m like the annoying kid in his classroom who keeps having unruly outbursts.

FYI — Here’s the presentation I gave to the students. Some of them have started coming around here looking for content. If that Wes/Josh kid comes around here, I want to remind him that he better get on Twitter. Right now.

Finally, here’s my regularly scheduled iMix that is influenced by my time with Matt, Robin Schooling, Rob Humphrey and many others during the week where I visited West Lafayette (Indiana), Durham (North Carolina), and Lafayette (Louisiana). I need to get off the road.

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