Sunday HR Shout-Out: Steve Browne


If you work in Human Resources or live in Ohio, you need to know Steve Browne. He is the ultimate connector and social media guidance counselor — but he also works in the trenches of Human Resources. Steve is the Executive Director of HR for LaRosa’s. He has responsibilities for the strategic direction of over 1400 Human Resources employees. In his spare time, he is active in Ohio SHRM and runs a subscriber-based newsletter called HR Net.

He knits the HR community together beyond the state of Ohio.

And Steve is unbelievably generous and humble.

When I told Steve that I wanted to feature him as my final Sunday HR Shout-Out, he was over the moon. What a guy. If you want access to his awesome email newsletter, you have to email him. It’s almost quaint to send an email, right? You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

Steve, thanks for all the great work you do. In the immortal words of Bon Jovi, you give HR a good name.

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