Sunday HR Shout Out


Last week, I held a contest to give away a book called KnowHR. I asked you — if you’re so inclined — to send in pictures of your companion animals with your entries.

We had over 100 entries in the first couple of hours! The winners didn’t send in pictures, but a few of you did.

  • Jessica Chappell gives us Ninja, the cat who licks his belly.
  • Amanda shares an awesome picture of Addison, a Shiba Inu.
  • Jennifer McClure sent in a picture of Sarabi — the most beautiful horse in the world, and “officially” selected as a Beautiful Horse of Ohio. She’s awesome!
  • Julie sent me a picture of her pit bull — but didn’t send his name. He is super adorable.
  • Jim D’Amico sent a picture of Darth (the black and white) and Vader (the black). He said, “They are media whores and would love to see themselves on the googles.”
  • Michael VanDervort writes, “The dog that looks half deer/half fox is Cairo and the beagle is Merry.”

I love the idea that animal lovers everywhere are uniting over a desire to change HR and change the workplace!

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