Sunday HR Shout Out: Susan Burns


This is my ninth Sunday HR Shout Out, and it’s going to Susan Burns. Here is how she describes herself…

I’m the founder of Talent Synchronicity and at the core of my work is a deep passion to develop talent solutions through strategic alignment with business directives. I weave together technology, social media, branding, P & L experience, and alignment with business strategies to create intrinsic value.

I’m also executive director for The Future of Talent, which is a community of talent leaders who come together to design guiding forecasts and strategies in the areas of talent acquisition, branding, knowledge management, employee development, and leadership.

Susan runs Talent Talk Cafe on Recruiting Blogs, and she knows just about everyone in the HR/recruiting space. Furthermore, Susan has great taste in clothing, an inviting personal style, and an awesome sense of humor. Susan is tremendously supportive of me, and I really love her for it.

Go find her on LinkedIn and Twitter — and introduce yourself to her if you see her at an upcoming conference. I promise you that she’s a great connection to have in your network!

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