Sunday Shout Out: Family & Chicago Marathon


I mentioned that my Mom was sick but I forgot to tell everyone that she’s in recovery and feeling better. Honest to god, it didn’t even dawn on me that readers cared about my personal life until someone asked me, “Uh, yeah, Laur — did your mom die?”

Actually, four people have asked me if she died. I thought, shoot, I should really close that loop.

Mom did not die. Intubated, extubated, infected, sick, and now she’s on the mend. September was a crappy month, but Mom is out of the hospital. We should all be so lucky.

There is more good news in my family: my brother is running the Chicago marathon, today. Yeah! He said, “I’m not Kenyan. I won’t be first.”

First? I don’t care if he is last. James is the only person in my family who is committed to some regular level of physical activity. (My yoga pants are just for show, these days.) I’m sending a shout-out to my brother who will probably finish the marathon before I get out of bed.

Anything new and exciting in your family? Anyone have a family member who didn’t disappoint you, this week? Did your lazy brother-in-law get off your couch and get a job? Did you accomplish something despite your crappy family?

Leave me a comment and you’ll be entered to win one of two books: Joe Calloway’s Becoming a Category of One or Alexandra Levit’s MILLENNIALtweet: 140 Bite-sized Ideas for Managing the Millennials.

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