Sunday HR Shout-Out: Eric Winegardner from Monster



Mama likes her bacon chocolate.

I wanted to give a major shout-out to my good pal, Eric Winegardner.

For those of us in HR and Recruiting, Eric is the face of and one of the Top 100 Influencers in our community. Thankfully, he is also an advocate of mo’ better HR and hiring practices. He is committed to living in a world where great people can get great jobs.

Eric works hard to connect HR bloggers (like me) with awesome information on the economy. He works with Monster to sponsor off the chain tweet-ups so recruiting professionals can get to know one another and expand our networks. One more thing: Eric evangelizes Monster and its products and services. If I were back in Corporate HR and leading a staffing function, I would work with Monster just because of Eric Winegardner.

Say what you will about the efficacy and future of job boards — they aren’t going away in 2010. If anything, they are evolving. I always advise job seekers to look at job boards as measurements of which companies are hiring. Then I advise ’em to find the hiring managers directly through LinkedIn and other social networking sites. Job boards are a tool, not just a destination or a solution.

What I specifically like about Monster is that they are striving to meet the needs of savvier job seekers. They just implemented community-based resources for specific career fields. They’ve recently announced two developments for HR & recruiting professionals, too.

So why does this shout-out go to Eric? He is supportive of my writing, he encourages me to think about the future of work, and he keeps me satisfied with bacon chocolate. I respect him as a professional and adore him as a friend.

I don’t know much about the recruiting and job board industry — but if other job boards had an advocate like Eric, they’d be blessed with better results in this market.

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