Sunday HR Shout Out: Mark Stelzner


I‘m not giving Mark Stelzner a shout out because he’s in the middle of every great HR idea. He isn’t being recognized for elevating the discourse in our profession. He is not getting a shout out because he can monetize a bag of crap and turn it into gold.

He’s getting a shout out because he wore a Donald Trump wig at HRevolution and motivated the heck out of so many people.

I love this man — but I love his wife more for allowing him to hang with us. She is a saint. We don’t deserve him, Yasha.

Thanks for being so awesome, Mark.

Also, thanks to Mike Krupa for photobombing this picture. I compared him to the photobombing goats and he didn’t kill me — so he gets a shout out, too. I love that man and I love goats. The comparison was well intentioned.

Anyone else, this week?

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