Sunday HR Shout Out: Cali & Jody


My previous Sunday HR Shout Out was so popular that I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature.

This week’s shout-out is to Cali & Jody. These women are great writers and successful professionals who are deconstructing the nature of the forty-hour work week. Moreover, Cali and Jody are animal lovers! They donated a copy of their book, Why Work Sucks and How To Fix It, to my local animal rescue for the annual silent dinner auction.

If you’re interested in exploring their cool ideas and creating a culture based on results & performance, check out Cali & Jody’s website. You can find them on Twitter, too.

Cali & Jody, this Sunday HR Shout Out is sent on behalf of the animals who have been saved at KAR! You ladies are teh awesomes!

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