Sunday HR Shout Out: China Gorman


As many of you read on The HR Capitalist, China Gorman (formerly the COO of SHRM and the acting CEO during the interim period between Sue Meisinger and Lon O’Neil) is leaving SHRM.

Everyone loves China. She is credited with bringing SHRM into a digital age, and her personal outreach to HR professionals in the social media community is a model for how associations should engage with their members. Personally, I’m sad that China is leaving. I had a crazy dream that I would run SHRM in 2020 — and I would learn everything I need to know from China and her amazing team. Now I need to find something else to do. Maybe I’ll be a cat blogger.

In the meanwhile, before I take over SHRM, I will continue to hold the entire organization, the leadership team, and the board of directors accountable for the future of our association. It’s not just me. It’s us. We are watching, blogging, and tweeting — and it’s because of China. She is amazing.

One more thing. GOOD LUCK, CHINA. We miss you already!

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