Sunday HR Shout Out: Fistful of Talent


I’m a big fan of the blog Fistful of Talent (FOT). It’s a talent management blog with lots of great writers, started by my good fried Kris Dunn.

I will admit that I’m on record as saying that I’m not crazy about the name. When I see the word fistful + anything, my mind goes to deep & dark places. Unfortunately, I write a blog named Punk Rock HR so I can’t throw stones in glass houses.

  • If you work in HR and don’t read FOT, you’re nuts.
  • If you want a job and you want to know how recruiters and HR pros think, this is a good destination for you.

They’ve built a nice little empire over there, and kudos to the writers who work hard every day to bring quality content to the blogosphere. Good job!

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