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Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about people who strive to help others.  My company has a “High Five” award program to recognize the employees that go out of their way to help others so I see or hear about this type of behavior quite often.  With that in mind, this Sunday’s shout out goes to several people I‘d like to high five.  People who understand that reaching out and sharing what they have is one of the most meaningful things they can do.  People who take every chance they get to lift other people up.

The shouts today are for five people who are making a difference by individually sponsoring other HR and recruiting professionals’ attendance at the upcoming Hrevolution un-conference.  The people they are sponsoring are professionals who are out of work or who may be having difficulty obtaining funds to attend.  So, HUGE thanks to the people who are making the HR and recruiting community a better place:

Lisa Rosendahl — Not only is Lisa generous in the way she interacts in the HR community, she is a gifted writer, and a talented HR professional.  You can check out her blog, Simply Lisa, to find out more about her views on the profession.  Lisa is also the founder of a new venture that is in development, the Women of HR.  She’s also working hard to bring social media awareness to her local SHRM chapter.

Franny OxfordFranny is a HR pro that brings the term “business savvy” to a whole new level. Franny is the no-nonsense author of the Do The Work Blog, a sought after speaker, and does guest posts for other bloggers. Franny is someone to watch in 2010 because she’s much more visible.  Be sure to come meet her at HR Florida on August 31st.

Charee KlimekCharee has always been a giver.  As a volunteer of JobAngels, a non-profit organization that helps job seekers via networking, she has touched many lives.  She’s also the owner of Vocii, a business that specializes in brand awareness, strategy, and design.  Be sure to check out her blog.

Frank Zupan — Frank is a long-time corporate recruiter and Talent Acquisition manager.  He is someone who understands that the recruiting world needs to be active in social media and he promotes that every chance he gets.  He’s smart and witty and not afraid to speak up for what is right.  He’s also someone who always asks the question “what can I do for you?”  Be sure to connect with Frank on LinkedIn.

Ben Eubanks — Ben is everything good you can imagine rolled into one package.  He’s smart, creative, funny, snaky, and one of the up-and-comers in the HR industry.  There isn’t one week that goes by without Ben being involved in a collaborative project with someone else.  He’s written e-books, writes guest posts on other blogs, creates un-conferences (Hrevolution), authors his own blog Upstart HR, and helps other people pass the PHR.  Oh, and did I mention he runs marathons in his free time?

So, who do you know that is making a difference in the life of someone else?  Share it in the comments.


Trisha McFarlane is a HR Business Partner for St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Prior to her current role, she was a regional HR Director for Fleishman Hillard, Inc. and the Tax and PCS Site Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers in St. Louis, MO. She is a sought after speaker on human resources and social media, a regular contributor to Halogen Software’s “Lighter Side of HR”, co-founder of Voice of HR, and co-founder of Women of HR. Trish is also the co-founder of the HRevolution.  This conference attracted 50 HR bloggers, HR pros, recruiters, and CEOs.  Proceeds went to Junior Achievement of Louisville.

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