Sunday Shout-Out: The Conference Board


My weekly shout-out goes to The Conference Board. I’m thankful they invited me to attend the Senior HR Executive Conference.

I’m tough on the function of Human Resources because I know it can do better. It was refreshing to spend time with 100 people who feel the same way and are doing something about it.

Furthermore, it was an honor to attend in my capacity as both a columnist for The Conference Board Review and as a blogger. Some people feel that it’s risky to invite bloggers and tweeters to an event. Many organizations and associations are in the embryonic stage when it comes to developing social media strategies. I do believe The Conference Board understands the power of social media, and I look forward to watching how they employ technology to enhance the delivery of important messages and information.

Finally, I wanted to thank Steve Boese, Trish McFarlane, and Frank Roche for attending the conference with me. I couldn’t have asked for three better friends and colleagues to represent HR + social media in action. They’ve written great overviews of the conference, too, so please check out their blogs.

Okay, who’s on your list? Who do you want to recognize, this week?

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