Sunday Shout Out: Jennifer Hughes


Happy Sunday! I want to recognize my friend, Jennifer Hughes, who works in the Public Affairs/Media department at SHRM. Jenny has been a supporter of Punk Rock HR since I first started writing this blog. (I hope that doesn’t get her fired.) She is so helpful when I need information and data from SHRM. Whenever I can’t figure something out, Jenny is there to lend a hand.

Some people wonder why an anti-establishment blogger would remain an active member of a large HR association — and it’s because of women like Jenny. She makes that organization great.

Jenny, you are awesome. Thanks for sending me this poll on Super Bowl office stuff. I can’t imagine that people still have office pools on a stupid football game — or that anyone calls in sick after the Oscars — but they do. Bizarre.

Anyone in your life who deserves the limelight, this week? Any white papers or research polls you want to share? Leave it in the comments!

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