Sunday Shout Out: 10 Sexiest Men Alive


Cols posted her list of the 10 Sexiest Men Alive. I work in Human Resources and I seriously disapprove of this list. I find it highly objectionable to create a list of men and rank them according to their sexiness.

Instead, for the ladies, I am going to post my list of the 10 Most Respectable Men in Hollywood [Who Also Happen To Be Sexy]. To be clear, I am listing them in order of respectability [& sexiness].

  1. Daniel Craig — duh.
  2. Christian Bale — I like him skinny but not The Machinist skinny.
  3. Robert Downey Jr — who has never looked better.
  4. Clive Owen — have you seen The Children of Men?
  5. Luke Wilson — best of the Wilson brothers.
  6. James Franco — mmmmmm, I love some francos with my beans.
  7. Gael Garc

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