Sunday Shout-Out: Mike Powroznyk


fatherprozForgive me for going personal, but a good friend of mine took his own life. His name is Mike Powroznyk, and he is just about the most hardcore punk rock [HCPR] guy I’ve ever known.

We reconnected, thanks to Facebook, in 2008. Fittingly enough, I learned about his death through Facebook. I feel like I’ve been kicked in the heart.

Mike had his ups & downs in life. He struggled with addictions, misplaced passions, and heartache. He loved guns, tattoos, and dogs. He had a passion for children and often talked about his desire to make babies — messed up, tattooed, dog-loving babies.

We called him Father Proz in high school, but I don’t recall why.

Social networks offer such easy and great ways to reconnect with the past. I just never knew that the loss of a friend that I haven’t physically seen since 1994 would hurt so much. Any HR professionals out there who work for an EAP? Any experience dealing with a loss of a friend you haven’t seen in 15 years but talked to, on a regular basis, via the internet?

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