Sunday Shout Out: TruLondon


I’m back in America and I owe mad props to my friends who helped me out financially and emotionally. Since I was in London to work — and not to have an anxiety attack — I thought I’d recognize my fellow panelists at TruLondon.

  • Andy Headworth taught me to chill the f-k out and embrace chaos. His wife, Sarah, is a fellow cat lover. She made me smile when I felt lost & confused.
  • Trish McFarlane emerged right before my eyes as a confident, poised, and wonderful public speaker. Her personal development over the past year just blows my mind. Growing by leaps and bounds before us — and yet she is leading us through smart discussions on HR and social media. She is awesome.
  • Peter Gold intimidated me with his knowledge (yes he did) and then made me a fan with his warm & welcoming demeanor. I’m not sure he wanted to hug me as much as I hugged him, but I don’t care. I am American and that’s what we do.

People are what make conferences work, and I was lucky to spend time with great people.

Also, Sarah White made a playlist to summarize her experiences in London. I thought I would do the same. I fell in love with the city in 1996 and I’ve returned several times — but this time was transformative. My ass was kicked. I drank champagne. I didn’t sleep much. I’m still in love, dammit.

I’m not sure what happens next. Everything else seems so dull by comparison.

Also, f–k you to the woman who stole my purse. I don’t care if you are an agent of the Mossad. If I meet you in a dark alley, you’re dead. Count on it.

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