Sunday Shout Out: BlogHer Edition


lakeHoly crap, dudes. I don’t even know where to begin — but I want to use this Sunday opportunity to recommend writers who don’t work in Human Resources, don’t offer career advice, but have great things to say about life.

The first blogger is Average Jane, also known to her friends as Celeste Lindell. She is a social media expert and an amazing woman who has a passion for volunteerism and not-for-profit organizations. Celeste is the hub of so many social networks and she puts people at ease with her smile and her wit. She is awesome, and honestly, Celeste’s encouraging comments have always inspired me to keep writing. Meeting her at BlogHer has been awesome.

The next writer? Neil Kramer. He is an angst-ridden superstar who writes with an amazing voice. Neil read my anonymous blog when I worked in Corporate America — and he is totally bored by my new blog, which is no longer very new. I don’t blame him, though. HR and career advice are boring subjects. Neil won’t give you career advice on his blog, but he can talk to you about life, anxiety, and personal growth. Follow him on twitter, too.

Finally, I sat in on a BlogHer session called ‘blog to book’ and one of the panelists was Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. I don’t know anything about mommyblogging, but Stefanie is a riot and her blog is now on my RSS Reader. Her advice on getting a book deal? Grow some balls, leverage your network, and make shit happen. Don’t sit around and suffer from the anxiety of writing a proper book proposal. Write excellent content and use your blog as the foundation for your pitch. Write good shit. Connect with people. Write with passion and integrity. You will get noticed.

I think that’s excellent career advice, too, so I’m now a fan.

Any new blogs you are reading? Any bloggers you want to recognize, this week? Did anyone get a job or hire someone? Let’s give some shoutouts for good employment news, too.

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