Sunday Shout-Outs


Here are my Sunday Shout-Outs.

  1. Libby Sartain wrote a(nother) great blog post called ABCs of Employer Brand. Many HR professionals talk about employer branding because it’s trendy; however, they may have no idea what it means. Furthermore, scholars and pundits say that an employer brand will make or break your company. Do you know anything about employer branding? If you want to learn your ABCs, let Libby be your guide.
  2. My favorite peeps at Starr Tincupp have a new website. If you’re a student of design—or if you are selling software or service solutions anywhere in the employee life cycleyou need to check them out. I’m doing my best Billy Mays impression, right now, but you can’t hear me. Just imagine it.
  3. I am listed on Fistful of Talent’s Top 25 blogs. I’m number six, and for the record, I rank higher than Ben Stein’s blog. I’m not even sure how Ben Stein qualifies. He’s an expert on comedy. He’s an expert on financial issues. He’s an expert on conservative values. Oh, guess what? Now he’s an expert on talent management issues? Give me a break. I call shenanigans on this one.

There you go. My list for Sunday.

Who did I miss? What other great things do we need to know about? Pimp it in the comments section.

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