Work Issues: Swine Flu Shot & Vaccination


I caught the flu in 2001 from my cousin, Katie, who came to our family’s holiday party with a fever and a cold. I remember saying to Katie, “I better not get your germs.”

Sure enough, I caught the virus and spread it to my boyfriend, his family, and several co-workers. Then, shortly after recovering from the flu, I came down with an upper respiratory infection — but I traveled to Oklahoma City on business. I was sick as a dog, and there was one point where my fever was so high that I hallucinated and started thinking that I was in jail and my cats were my cellmates. I wanted to bust out of my apartment — but I couldn’t figure out who was keeping me there.


I missed 15 days of work during January 2002, and I have never skipped a flu shot since that time. When the swine flu vaccination rolls around, this year, I will be the first in line.

Unfortunately, I just read that a third of parents oppose the swine flu vaccine and only half of American adults even want the shot. Are you kidding me? I know there are risks to being vaccinated, but 36,000 Americans will die in 2009 because of the plain old flu. The swine flu could kill fewer people — or it could kill more. We just don’t know.

If you oppose the flu shot and the swine flu vaccination, can you please explain your position to me?

I’m on the side of science, staying healthy, and keeping people alive. What’s your position?

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