Baby Names, Careers, and CEOs

Every morning, I drive to Starbucks and get my coffee from a boy named Dakota. He’s not a boy, really, but a young man who is attending college and looking towards the future. I wonder, what does the future hold for a boy named Dakota? Or Tarragon? Or a girl named Nevaeh? Naming a child […]

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Monday Morning HR Humor: Breaking Bad News

I walked past this book at Barnes & Noble and did a double-take. Finally, here’s a snazzy and adorable way to tell your employees that salary increases are frozen in 2009. Break the bad news with baby animals. [I would like to take this opportunity to say that my own grandmother is doing well after […]

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Maternity Leave for The Boss of One

The Boss of One and I had a baby. Okay, fine, Jen & Jesse had the baby. I just hung around Kalamazoo and shopped while Jen hauled ass for the past nine months. I’m happy to report that the baby is adorable, Jen made it through the delivery with some unbelievable stories, and Jesse is […]

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Don't: Bring Your Babies To Work

Holiday weekends are for catching up on celebrity gossip — or so I thought until I saw an article about parents in North Dakota who are allowed to take their babies to work (as described in the latest edition of People Magazine). Oh crap, I thought, it’s bad enough to endure high school internships and […]

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