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The Week Ahead

Today is my birthday and I’m old. How old? Well, old enough to have this conversation with Kris Dunn. Kris: What is Pinterest? Me: Google it. Kris: I did — I don’t get it.  I’m old.  Get off my lawn. Me: Okay, fine, I told you to google it because I can’t explain it. At […]

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How Business Travelers Can Support The Troops

Really happy to write that the Iraq war is drawing to a close. Yes, I know there are still troops over there because I see them coming and going via RDU — one of the closest major airports to Fort Bragg. Here are some ways in which business travelers can exert very little effort and […]

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We've Lost 3.6 Million Jobs [Picture]

This is an image from Nancy Pelosi’s website that compares the job loss in this recession to the job losses in the 1990-1991 recession and the 2001 recession. [It’s all over the internet, tonight.] You can tell me that we don’t need money in the stimulus package that includes free contraception, but I’ll tell you […]

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Did You Work, Today?

All across America, unproductive employees stood around the office and talked about Obama. Never to miss an opportunity to be liked by our coworkers, Human Resources professionals jumped right in and stopped working. America, it’s true that Barack Obama is a uniter and not a divider! Admit it. Nothing was accomplished in your office, today, […]

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