F@%k It Friday: Worst Halloween Candy

Welcome to a two-part F@%k It Friday edition. Part 1 is this week’s topic: What is the worst Halloween candy? I love Kit Kats and 100 Grand Bars, but I don’t care for anything with black licorice. Here’s an important fact: if you give me Good & Plenty, you will regret it. What about you? […]

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Halloween Poll Results: You Like Sugar!

The Halloween HR/Office Candy results are in — and amazingly enough, HR pros enjoy binge-eating sugar and carbs. Who knew?! The winner is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with 32% of the votes. The others? Kit Kats — 26% Milky Way — 8% Snickers — 8% Mike&Ike — 2% Starburst — 2% Other Answers? Candy Corn […]

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