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Betting on the Future of Employment and Career Blogging

I am placing a wager on the future of the American worker.  I believe that power will shift, companies will come to understand the value of the labor, and you will have every opportunity to work for [and demand] the compensation & benefits you deserve. Unfortunately, the future is not here. Not yet, anyway. It’s […]

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PRHR Contest: Your Best Advice for Job Seekers

America’s jobless rate in June is the highest rate since 1983. Some of my Punk Rock HR readers weren’t born in 1983, so this may be the first time many have experienced such a sad & depressing state of affairs in the job market. It gets better. I promise. I would like to spend the […]

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You Wanna Go Into HR? [Winner]

The winner of the HR: Career Options contest is Mary Ellen Slayter. She recommends that anyone interested in a career in Human Resources check out a blog post by Lance Haun. That’s awesome advice because Lance’s post is genius. Ms. Slayter, who is a former career advisor with The Washington Post, wins a $25 gift […]

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Punk Rock HR Advice Via Twitter

Career Advice via Twitter. Q: Laurie, quick question, My boss said during my perf. review that I should quit smoking b/c I am HR and a role model for employees wtf? A: Your boss is an idiot. Either plot against him to take his job or find a new one. It’s amazing how life is […]

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Punk Rock HR Question: Am I Built for HR?

This question comes from Kay. I have been let go after working as a Mortgage Consultant for the past five years. I have considered changing careers because I have realized that my personality is just not suited to a career in sales. I am interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources; however I have […]

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